About Us

The Malaysian Sikh Youth Organisation (Sikh Naujawan Sabha Malaysia) is a voluntary organisation which was officially formed in 1967. What began as a small regional organisation, has today transcended into a body with national concerns and links. SNSM is focussed on missionary activities and the Sikh community through the spread of the Guru’s Way. Over the years, SNSM has successfully become the bloodline of Malaysian Sikh youth.

Sikh Naujawan Sabha Malaysia (SNSM) organises various religious, social and cultural programmes throughout Malaysia. It is also in tune with various other organisations directly or indirectly involved within the Sikh World. Regular activities of SNSM include :-

  • Welfare projects.
  • Educational programmes.
  • Operating a Sikh reference bookshop.
  • Setting up youth prayer sessions in the country.
  • Continuous missionary activities all over the nation.
  • Organisation of youth leadership and training camps.
  • Representation of Sikh youth at governmental and other national forums.
  • Publication of quarterly publication “The Sikh”, monthly newsletters, monthly e-newsletters and other pamphlets or articles for distribution.
  • Programmes for spiritual, mental, social, physical and emotional development of youth and children.
  • Annual religious seminar (every December) to provide for Sikh youths in Malaysia and overseas to be together.